Extra on the Web

December 22 Charlie Brown Peanuts app

If you love Charles Schultz Peanuts Christmas animated feature you will love this interactive app.  A Winner every Christmas.

December 15 discogs.com

Find out how much your record or CR is worth. Buy and sell rare or everyday albums from over 36-million titles.

December 8 repairclinic.com

Got an appliance that’s not working?  Great website for manuals, parts and videos to help you repair and save on most anything electronic.

December 1 noteflight.com

Free software to help you write, perform or just enjoy 65,ooo pieces of music.  Excellent resource for sight reading.

November 24 CPSC.gov

Don’t buy any Christmas toys until you check the Consumer Product Safety Commission websites. You can also check old CPSC warnings for used toys you may want to purchase.

November 17 Scam Awareness

www.UtilitiesUnited.org  shows you how to avoid getting scammed. Great videos on Duke Energy website with stories of how customers got taken—including our own Al Ruechel.

November 10 All trails App

Super resource on thousands of trails all across the US.  Up to date maps with information on elevations, resources along the way, post pictures of what you see to share with friends

November 3 arstechnica.com

The granddaddy of all technical news sites. Great stories, all ahead of the cover, breaking tech news every day.

October  27 seatguru.com

Find the best seats on flights BEFORE you have to book.  Pictures show you passenger experiences with the best and worst seats.  Covers 12-hundred flights with advice on booking early

October 20 gohighbrow.com

Bite sized lessons on hundreds of topics designed to expand your mind delivered directly to your in box.

October 13 Congress.gov

Find out what bills are in process, who are the sponsors, a daily calendar for both the house and senate and cool videos explaining how a bill becomes law.

October 6 JFK Moon Shot app

Augmented reality app lets you launch the Saturn five rocket from your living room and explore the moons surface from your coffee table.  Lots of fun and great educational resource

September 29 Bubbl.us

Great site for putting together charts, graphs, family trees, organizational charts without having to worry about drawing all those lines and boxes.

September 22 Etsy.com

The number one site to buy and sell unique craft items from reputable hobbyists

September 15 Vaptur App

Use your phone like an instant replay machine with 8 second delay. Makes recording those “money shots” a breeze.

September 8 Charity Navigator. org

Great website to see if charity organization is legitimate. Financial records, efficiency, dollars delivered, salaries, reviews and rankings.